When is it time for a new website? - SkyMedia

One of the most common questions we find our customers asking is “When is it time for a new website?”. Look there is no definite answer to this one, but your website is a visual representation of your business. It gives your business credibility and should showcase your work.

We wouldn’t encourage using the same marketing plan year after year, and the same goes for your website. We’d advise at the start of a new year or season, to reflect on your current site and look at how well it’s currently serving your business, or if you are not yet online it is 100% the right time to get a website up & running.

How do you know if it’s time to upgrade? Well, to start we’d recommend trying to answer these questions;

Is your current website mobile responsive? 
If it isn’t – get in touch with Sky Media now. Your website must be mobile responsive for a number of reasons namely, to be user-friendly for potential clients & because Google now ranks websites using a mobile-first index.

Most likely more people will be visiting your website on a mobile device. This is why your website must be as functional and fast here as it is on desktop. Simply make sure users have an easy online experience.

What is my website goal and am I still achieving it? 
Over time your business has probably evolved from what it once was. Undoubtedly your business goals and objectives will have changed too. Take a moment to consider whether your current website is designed with your current business goals in mind. If either the content, style or layout no longer represents your business it is probably a good indication that it is time for a rebuild.

Just say you’re continuously getting calls from customers asking what services you offer or for more information on products your selling. This could be an indication that your website is not providing enough adequate information or doing what it needs to do.

Is it easy for my visitors to contact me?
Having a click to call/email button is pretty key on a website. This saves users having to copy and paste your contact details into their phone or email app. You want there to be a little work as possible for clients to get a hold of you. They should also be able to easily locate you using Google Maps. If you don’t have any of these on your current site, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

What are my competitors doing?
Remember your website is the online representation of your business. Just say you’re a construction company in the real world; if there were two lots of builders from competing construction companies working side by side on sites and one lot were wearing uniforms and hardhats whilst the other group wasn’t – the hardhat & uniform firm is likely to be deemed more professional than the other. Same goes for your site. If your competitor’s website beats your site hands down, it’s likely you’re losing out on clients and customers to them.

Does the organisational structure of my website make sense? Is it easy for my customers to navigate?

Typically your website visitors have a goal in mind when visiting your website. Once visitors have reached the home page they’ll either want to contact you or find out more information. If they want to find out more information it should be easily available for them & organised in a way that makes sense. It also (typically) shouldn’t run more than 4 pages deep.

Does my website have strong testimonials?
We can’t encourage the use of testimonials enough… They should be sprinkled throughout your website. They should be on your Google My Business page & Business FB page. Strong testimonials which have been appropriately incorporated ton your website, will help develop a sense of trust, professionalism between visitors and your business.

Do I like my website?

Having a website that inspires you and helps you feel proud of the work you do is extremely important. Take a look yourself, ask colleagues, friends and family to look over it. Take notes about what you like and dislike throughout your website. What works well? What looks good, what doesn’t? There is always room for improvement even if you don’t need the whole site rebuilt.

What is my website performance like?

If you’re unsure how to measure website performance please feel free to get in touch. We look at page load speed, bounce rate and more.

If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, it might be time to bite the bullet and get a new website up & running. If you want to see some websites we’ve built check out the portfolio section on our website. Give us a call and we can help you answer any of the above questions and start to develop and plan a new, sleek site this winter.