Benefits of Long-tail Keywords for Google SEO

At Sky Media we make SEO (search engine optimisation) easy to understand. You may not know all about SEO, but you’re probably using it everyday. If you’ve ever typed, ‘Restaurant near me,’ ‘Best builder in Christchurch,’ or ‘Makeup artist Auckland,’ into Google, then you’ve used SEO. Our team sees the benefits of SEO in business everyday and we know that Long-tail SEO Keywords can provide powerful results for anyone selling products, or services people want, or need.

Are you wanting to see heaps of people visiting your website? Are you looking for ways to increase revenue for your business? Are you wanting enquiries, bookings and purchases from people who want what you’ve got? Well, your website needs Long-tail SEO.

A Quick Overview of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most cost-effective way to ensure your business’s website makes its way to Google’s 1st Page, where everyone’s shopping nowadays. Everyone? Well, 75% of all Google users only shop on the 1st Page, while the other 25% stop at the 2nd Page. That means, if you’re Page 3, or beyond, you’re not getting found by anyone.

Our Google SEO ensures your business is front and centre on Page 1 where it belongs. One of the fastest and most effective ways to do this is Long-tail SEO Keywords, and that just means the Keywords are longer than Short-Tail SEO, for example:

  1. Short-tail SEO – Builder Auckland
  2. Long-tail SEO – Bathroom Renovations in the North Shore

Typically, it’s easier to get on Google’s 1st Page and get traffic coming your way, when you use Long‐tail SEO Keywords. They’re much more specific and therefore highly targeted to your ideal audience. It means that when people land on your website (and many will, when you’re on Page 1), it’s much more likely that they’ll want what you’ve got.

Long-Tail SEO – One of Two Ways, or Both?

Long-tail SEO can be done one of two ways (or both), depending on your business goals. You can go niche and specific, or take the large-scale big blast approach. In many cases, the businesses that can afford to do so, do both.

Type 1: Niche and Specific Long-Tail SEO

For many businesses niche specific Long-tail SEO Keywords like – ‘Custom kitchen installations in Christchurch,’ can actually be quite valuable. These SEO Keywords are worth going after, even though they may have a small volume of Keyword searches each month, because it’s highly likely these people want exactly what you’ve got. If only 12 people search that term in Christchurch each month, but 3 of them end up purchasing from you, that’s a big conversion, that’s a win.

Benefits of Niche and Specific Long-Tail SEO

High Conversions – These searchers will probably convert into buyers.

Low Competition – These niche Keywords aren’t used by a lot of sites, yet.

The Key to Niche Search Terms for Your Business

  • Choose Long-tail SEO Keywords specific to your business or industry e.g ‘Back waxing for men in Merivale, CHCH.’
  • Choose Long-Tail SEO Keywords that will convert into sales e.g the terms match exactly what you have for sale in the location you expect to sell it, for the people you plan to sell it to e.g back waxing (service) for men (target audience) in Merivale, CHCH (location).
  • Choose very low-competition Long-Tail SEO Keywords, because that means you can get your site to Page 1 of Google quickly and easily.

You don’t need to be targeting all the Long-tail SEO Keywords you can think of, but simply speak to us to brainstorm the ones that are likely to be beneficial. Our SEO Experts will conduct research to confirm the top-performing SEO Keywords for your market, then we’ll look at targeting the services you’d prefer to target.

With Sky Media’s approach to SEO, it’s highly likely your website will see results in less than 90 days, especially for Keywords with long tails. Speak to our team to get your free Google WOF Report, where you’ll find exactly where your site’s positioned for SEO Keywords that are specific to your industry.

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