Did You Know the First Impression of Your Home Page Counts?

Your Home Page Matters More than You Might Think…

The Home Page of your website is one of the most visited pages on your site and therefore it’s one of the most important pages. When people land on your site, the first page they’ll see, more often than not, is your Home Page. In a matter of seconds (around 3 seconds on average) your site visitors will decide if you have what they’re looking for, and if you’re the best business to deliver.

From a visitor’s perspective, a poor-quality website, might mean a poor-quality product? Mistakes in the web copy, could mean mistakes in the real world? Outdated design could mean outdated tools? A slow, or frustrating experience online, could mean poor customer service and wasted time in real life? On the flip side, a modern easy-to-use website suggests a modern hassle-free company, while flawless copy suggests a fine attention to detail, and finally, high-quality imagery, or design gives the impression of a high-quality product, or service. What is your current website communicating to the world?

The first priority of a high-quality website should always be to capture attention in less than 3 seconds, while the next priority is to hold attention. A well-designed website will impress visitors with attractive words and images, build a sense of trust in the viewer, and clearly communicate the benefits of the offer, and how it exists to meet their needs. This top-quality approach places a business in the best light, making it the obvious choice against a whole host of competition.

A competitive strategically designed website will ensure site visitors are inclined to take the desired action e.g requesting a quote, making a purchase or signing up for an event. We use well-placed easy-to-use calls to action (CTA’s) to ensure site visitors can easily enquire, or buy, as soon as they make up their mind that they’re on the right website.

Yes, it literally pays to have a well-designed website, so modern business owners would be well placed to think of it as an investment, or an asset, rather than a business expense. At the end of the day, when a website meets, or better-yet exceed the expectations of visitors, they’ll more than likely stay. If it fails, they’ll leave and go elsewhere at the click of a button – It’s really that simple. The quality and ease-of-use of a website is the competitive advantage online. Is your website fit to meet your potential client’s needs? If it’s not yet fit to fly, that’s Sky Media’s specialty.

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