Google AdWords

A fast and effective way to bring people to your website who are actively searching for your product or service right there and then

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Your Digital Warrant of Fitness

We combine the speed of Google AdWords with your longer-term SEO Strategy to ensure your business passes that Digital Warrant of Fitness.

Driving More Traffic to You

Google AdWords can drive more traffic to your website in the short-term, while SEO lands you a prime parking spot over the long-term.

Boost sales quickly online

Google AdWords is a powerful tool to gain insights into consumer behaviour and see an immediate boost in traffic. Sky Media’s Gym Analogy likens the short-term impact of Google AdWords to a digital steroid, because they’re a fast and effective way to get rapid results. AdWords are great if you need a quick injection of sales, or you want to draw attention to a special promotion.

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy, likened to putting in the real muscle work day-to-day to get results that are far-reaching and long-lasting. SEO is ideal if you want to maintain a powerful position on the web and reap the long-standing benefits of a sustained commitment to Digital Fitness.

For best results, we recommend combining your Google AdWords campaign with an SEO campaign, because then you’ll get fast-acting gains from AdWords in the short-term and long-lasting returns from SEO for a lifetime.

Sky Media Google AdWords: What you get

Google AdWords Key words

We create a list of key words that are relevant to the products and services you want to promote and sell. If we’ve developed your website or been running SEO for you, we’ll already have a clear idea of the approach we’ll take for your Google AdWords campaign and we’ll use long and short-term digital marketing strategies to leverage off each other. We understand that your business and your goals are unique, so we’ll carefully research the best Key Words to optimise performance.

Someone to speak with

Before your Google AdWords campaign is setup, your Account Manager will speak with you over the phone to confirm what services and products we will be targeting.
We also look in what location for what Key Words and what the recommended Google budget is per day

Budget Management

The great thing about Google AdWords is that you’ll never spend more than your budget. Once your maximum number of clicks have been used up for the day, your ad will not show in the organic search, but it will reappear the next morning. We watch your campaign closely to optimise it’s performance. The more your campaign is optimised, the cheaper the cost per click will be – meaning that you receive more website traffic for the same cost. It’s a win-win.

PS! Because of the nature of pay per click or PPC, you’ll want to ensure that the individuals who click on your Google advertisement find themselves on a website that they find engaging and actually want to explore – resulting into a conversion for you!

We can assist in developing a website design and digital strategy that your target market will respond to by ensuring clear navigation and content that’s relevant to them and their original search.