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Your Digital Warrant of Fitness

We combine the speed of Google AdWords with your longer-term SEO Strategy to ensure your business gains and retains a Digital Warrant of Fitness.

Driving More Traffic to You

Google AdWords can give your business a head start by driving more traffic to your website in the short-term, while SEO provides you with a prime parking spot online over the long-term.

Boost sales quickly online

Google AdWords is a powerful tool to gain insights into consumer behaviour and create an immediate boost in traffic to your website. Sky Media’s Gym Analogy likens the short-term impact of Google AdWords to a digital steroid, because they’re a fast and effective way to get rapid results. AdWords are great when you need a quick injection of sales, or simply to draw more attention to a special promotion.

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy, likened to putting in the real muscle work day-to-day to get results that are far-reaching and long-lasting. SEO’s ideal for you, if you want to maintain a powerful position on the web and reap the long-standing benefits of a sustained commitment to Digital Fitness.

For best results, we recommend combining your Google AdWords campaign with an SEO campaign, because then you’ll get the fast-acting gains from AdWords in the short-term and long-lasting returns from SEO for a lifetime.

Sky Media’s Customised Google Ad Campaigns: What you’ll get from us

Customised Google AdWords

We'll generate a customised list of AdWords that are relevant to the specific products and services you plan to promote online, then we’ll seek to identify the ideal suburbs, towns and cities you're looking to target. We'll use this information to develop a unique digital marketing campaign combining short-term strategies for a quick head start with long-term strategies designed to go the distance.

Dedicated Account Manager

We'll reach out to discuss your custom-made digital marketing campaign, then we'll suggest a cost-effective daily budget for Google Ads to enable you to achieve your business aims. Once these key details have been approved, we'll launch your Google AdWords campaign and monitor it closely to ensure peak performance.

Budget Optimisation

With Google AdWords, you’ll never overspend, because your ad will be paused as soon as you reach the limit of your daily budget. We'll watch your campaign's progress and optimise its performance by promoting ads during peak times and pausing them during slow periods. Optimised campaigns reduce wastage and make the cost per click more affordable, so overall, you receive more website traffic for less.

P.S Sky Media recommends maximising the opportunity of pay per click (PPC) Google Ads by engaging people who click on your Google Ad with an attention-grabbing website that makes them want to find out more about your products and services. We can create an eye-catching website that appeals to your target market, resulting in more conversions for you.