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Are you pondering how to increase traffic on your website? Did your current SEO services not giving you the desired results? Are you not able to maintain your current position? Do you need any improvement in SEO? Are you thinking about how SEO can help your business grow? Are you also making some blunders? Are you confused about which SEO company you should choose?  Sky Media has an answer to all your questions. Just stop thinking and start analyzing.

Before you choose, analyze what you are expecting from the SEO company? Our team consists of enthusiastic, prominent, time-oriented, and brisk working members who are always ready to help our clients in the best possible way.

Sky Media SEO Company in Dunedin is here to solve all your problems and give you the best results from the Search Engine Optimization services. No need to wait to give us a call to get a free quote. Our affiliates are always there to support you.

The method of Search Engine Optimization is complex and should ensue a step-by-step mechanism. Let us know What are the steps taken by Sky Media SEO company In Dunedin?

Steps follow by SEO Company in Dunedin

Various steps are taken by Sky Media SEO Company to provide the best results. Here we are stating the six most important steps.


In this, we research the keywords which will be used for optimization. This transit is important and needs a lot of time and effort. In this, we do in-depth research to find the keywords that are mostly used by the searcher when they are checking for the product or service you are providing.


Once equipped with the target keywords, we do a rigorous analysis of the matter site with various contenders. We prefer sequences of SEO metrics, containing Alexa Ratings, approaching links. Domain age and communal sites following. Through this process, we get how audiences reach contenders and why. It helps to improve our website and make it more credible and reliable. It allows us to give a cut-throat competition to contenders.


We believe without a purpose, there is no outlay. In this step, we first know about our customer’s goals and what he is expecting from his business. After that, we analyze the websites, where it is doing good and what area needs our attention and assistance. After all these, we work to improve and fulfill the goals which we have set up.


In the online world, content is superior to everything. The search engines like Google like content that is of high quality, well-presented and is accurate. We ensure that your website content comprises all the pertinent data about your business and your products or services.


The fifth step is to perform on-page streamlining. It includes the following sub-steps that are as follows:

  1. Sky Media ensure that your page title should say something related to your motive or aim it makes the audience connect more with you,
  2. Sky Media targets the keywords on the first page of your website. It increases your more reach,
  3. Sky Media also to do site maps to assure that your all link is well-framed on your page so that audiences can go to your other sites.
  4. The fourth sub-step is Technical SEO which amends major technological problems that affect SEO attempts that need to be checked and amended.

As fish needs water to survive, alike business needs a good communal reach to survive in the online as well as the physical world. It can be used as the best option to reach your numerous customers at one point in time. It also develops a close connection between the client and the business. The more you are determined, the more people will come into your contact. It will increase traffic and conversion rates.


The last step by Sky Media SEO Company in Dunedin is to analyze whether the implementation which we had done is giving fruitful results to our client or not.

After knowing about the steps taken by Sky Media SEO Dunedin, let us know what are the common SEO Blunders?

Common SEO Blunders

Here we are stating some of the most common Search Engine Optimization Blunders that are as follows:

  • Slow site velocity,
  • Identical Content,
  • Outmoded and irrelevant content on the website,
  • No optimization of a website on hand-held devices,
  • No well-presented site pages,
  • Visitants have to do diverse clicks to know the basic data of the business,
  • Not able to customize the best target keywords,
  • Not having distinctive subject tags, and
  • Not gushing constant website analysis.

Sky Media ensure that we will not commit such blunders as we know how it affects your website and your business.

Why people choose our SEO services in Dunedin?

There are reasons that people choose Sky Media SEO Company over other companies in Dunedin and other surrounding areas. Here we are listing some of the reasons that are as follows:

  • Pocket-friendly prices- We offer prices, which are affordable to our clients.
  • Research Skillset– This is the key or supreme factor of SEO and, our well-arranged team is an expert in the research. Before making a plan, they do the complete research.
  • Availability– We are available for the customer from the moment our office starts and till our office hour ends. We never ignore any queries of our clients.
  • Client Satisfaction– Our goal is to render absolute satisfaction to our clients after our assistance.
  • Personal Touch– We don’t treat our customers as just our formal clients and consider them as part of our company. It builds a robust and stable connection between the client and the business.


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