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We believe that every problem associated with your website is different so, we will tailor a solution according to your needs and goals.

Sky Media is ardent about creating a distinctive digital marketing experience that transforms your businesses. As a Search Engine Optimization Company, Wellington, our expertise lies in converting your ideas into actions.

Sky Media company is consisting of experienced and skilled Web Design Developers, Search Engine Optimization Experts, Social Media Experts, and various digital professionals.

For most businesses in New Zealand, their main root of customers is the internet and, it all begins with a simple google search. We are competent in recognizing the factors that lead to efficient search engine rankings and make us know how we can enhance that position of your business.

The simple term ‘SEO’ stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization and it means the process of improving your site to increase its online visibility on major search engines.

When it comes to SEO, there are mainly three things that play a vital role which is: You, The Search Engine, and the Searcher.

Seven things make us the leading SEO Services in Wellington

  • Personalized Keyword Research- 

We initially know about your business and what you promote in your targeted area of work, your targeted age group of your customers.

This all information will make us know about the keyword which can help your website to reach the central or chief position.

  • Strengthening your Business with SEO-

After the confirmation or finalization of the keywords which is based on your business requirement. We will put a keyword in front i.e., on the main site as well as on the back end of the site so that whenever any customer searches about the products in which you are dealing with, then your website will be prioritized to them. Like if they search about the “32-inch HD Quality LED”, they can also see about your business as you are also selling it as this will be your keyword. It will directly increase the conversion rates of your business.

  • Creating a way, which goes to the online world – 

The experienced and well-trained team of Sky Media will provide you with valuable links which will boost your business and that will create authenticity so that Google and other various search engines can trust your sites and put your site to the front of the stream. This will make it easier to reach the targeted customers.

  1. Content Crafting and Optimization- 

We will create usefully, client–focused content to engage more customers or visitors and this will support your online growth. We will create content that speaks about your specialization as well as your Unique Selling Price which can enhance your business as well as it will create a good value for your business.

  • Content Strategy and Analysis- 

We will define the who, what, where, why, and how of your content. And monitor its growth against your most valuable business goals or outcomes. As if these questions which every customer think will be cleared as we defined them all in a better way so they don’t have to search any other information about you on other sites. This will increase your conversion rates as well as the trust of customers as all the information is cited on your website. Customers will get the answer to all their questions.

  • Off-Site Analysis and Strategy- 

Find opportunities to gain valuable display, build your website’s supremacy, and upgrade your rankings in various major search engines. These things will make you reach all your business goals.

  • Technical Site- 

SEO Wellington will make your site faster and easier to creep with accuracy on-page. If this all will be included then it will become user-friendly.

As you have seen the special or the most important thing which your website needs and SEO Company Wellington is providing you under one roof now look upon some SEO mistakes from which we will not do:

  • Ignoring your ‘Google My Business’ list

It is the essential part as it will make you know about the actual position of your business, and we will not ignore this as it will help you realize that where we are behind in the competition.

  • Only focusing on On-Site Search Engine Optimization 

We will also focus on off-site SEO as it helps us to improve your position.

  • Overlooking your business

We will not overlook your business at it will not make us know about your future goals as overlooking can only make us know what you want in present and not about the goals which you have set for upcoming years.

  • Not optimizing your website for mobiles

As firstly the customer will be looking or we can say your targeted customers will initially search on their mobile phones, so your website needs to be mobile-friendly. 

  • Duplicate Content

We will not write any content which is similar to any other websites as it will be difficult for them to search mainly about us.

  • Not a proper keyword

An improper keyword can make your position downgraded. As, if we choose the word ‘admiring’ word for your mobile phone business, then this word is improper according to the business you are dealing with. Instead of ‘admiring’ if we choose ‘Brand- new’ then it will make you reach your goals.

  • Outdated Content

We will use updated content as outdated content will make your business suffer in the long- term.

  • No weekly analyzation 

If we don’t do weekly analysis, then we failed to analyze the weekly feedback.

Above are some SEO mistakes which can degrade your business position.

If you don’t want these mistakes to destroy your business position, conversion rates, and your online presence and you are ready to enlarge your business then contact us at 0800 113 772 we assure you that business will be heightened.

Note: Even if we haven’t created your website then also, we can provide you the search engine optimization and make you reach the position for which you are dreaming.