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Would you like to increase traffic on your website? Have you tried SEO? Perhaps you tried D.I.Y SEO, or maybe your SEO service provider wasn’t quite up to the task? At Sky Media, we have a range of proven strategies that really get desired results. Our team consists of proven SEO Experts ready to help Kiwi companies reach new heights online.

Sky Media is a nationwide SEO Company that operates in Dunedin. Our Search Engine Optimisation Services may be complex behind the scenes, but we explain our SEO strategies to each client, so it’s clear and easy. For proof that we know what we’re doing and can do it for you, simply search ‘SEO Dunedin’ and you’ll see Sky Media listed as a Page 1 SEO company in Dunedin.

SEO Services Operating Dunedin-Wide

Sky Media’s dedicated digital marketing team’s constantly up-skilling to provide the best SEO results. We have a step-by-step process to ensure each SEO strategy is well-suited to each company’s industry, target market, products, services and aims.

Keyword Research

We’ll begin with in-depth data-driven research to find the most popular SEO Keywords that Google searchers use when they’re looking for what you sell, or what you do. Maybe it’s ‘Painter Dunedin,’ or ‘Dunedin Car Yard,’ or ‘Best hairdresser Dunedin.’ We’ll identify the most suitable search terms used in Google every month and create a list, so you can select from the SEO Keyword search terms that are getting the most clicks.

Competitive Research

Using your custom SEO Keywords, we’ll analyse relevant SEO metrics like your site’s position online in comparison to your competitors, plus we’ll identify details like the domain age of your competitors and where they’re listed online e.g TradeMe, job boards and other sites that may assist in ranking on Google. We’ll look to identify how people online engage with products and services like yours, so we can use that information to your advantage.

Focusing on the End Goal 

We’ll combine your custom SEO Keyword research with our competitive analysis, then we’ll align this information with your business goals and what you’re expecting from SEO. Your custom SEO strategy will be designed based on this set of information that’s unique to you and your business.

Seo-savvy Streamlining

Our team will streamline your web pages, so they’re well-received by Google’s Search Engine:

  • Our SEO Experts will create an SEO-savvy page title that states your aim and attracts your target audience.
  • Our SEO Experts will strategically place SEO Keywords on the first page/home page of your website to increase your SEO reach.
  • Our SEO Experts will conduct site maps to assure your links are best positioned on your page.
  • Our Google Technicians will identify and eliminate any major technological problems on your site that may affect SEO.
Ongoing Analysis and Optimisation 

Our SEO Account Managers, SEO Experts and Google Technicians will constantly analyse the performance of your SEO strategy to identify ways to increase your site’s traffic and conversion rates by clarifying your offer in ways that will appeal to your target audience and Google’s Search Engine.

5 Reasons Dunedin Companies Choose Sky Media’s SEO

Sky Media’s a Page 1 SEO Company in Dunedin for good reason, because we know what we’re doing and we can do it for your business too. Our team will constantly analyse and optimise the performance of your website and your SEO strategy to ensure your company gets the best results. People choose Sky Media as their SEO Company over other companies in Dunedin, because we offer:

  • Pocket-friendly SEO pricing – We offer pricing that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Data-driven research – Our SEO Experts develop strategies using top-performing SEO Keywords.
  • Availability – We’re available 24/7/365 with a highly responsive SEO Team and dedicated SEO Account Managers.
  • Client Satisfaction – Our goal is 100% satisfaction and strong ROI every month.
  • Personal Touch– We’re a down-to-earth digital marketing team that values good old-fashioned customer service.

For more information about Sky Media’s affordable SEO campaigns for Dunedin companies, contact our down-to-earth team of digital marketing experts today. You’ll be flying high online in no time. Give us a call on 0800 113 772 or email us at


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