Social Media

Harness the power of Facebook to build your brand’s reputation and expand your reach

Reach Out Globally

Radio ads and TV commercials are yesterday's news; in today's world, it's all about the worldwide power of social media. Facebook boasts billions of users globally with fine features that allow you to pinpoint your ideal customers locally.

Cost-Effective ROI

Facebook's one of the most laser-focused low-cost forms of digital advertising, allowing you to reach thousands of people per day for as little as the price of a cafe latte.

Targeted Remarketing

Have you ever engaged with a website, or a page and then noticed their Facebook Ads popping up in your feed shortly after? That's re-targeting. With Sky Media, you can re-engage lost leads and strengthen your brand awareness with a custom-made remarketing campaign.

Leverage Facebook Advertising for your business

Sky Media's Social Media Strategy: What you'll get from us

Proven Peak Strategies

We’ll seek to understand your business goals and what you want to achieve with Facebook Ads. Once we clarify your aims, we’ll put together a package of proven strategies that would be best-suited to your specific products, services and aims, then we’ll identify an optimal budget and suitable timeline for your campaign.

Attention-Grabbing Ads

Once the key details are confirmed, our expert copywriters and designers will create a range of eye-catching ads designed to capture the attention of your ideal audience. We’ll monitor the performance of these ads, then we’ll select the top-performing ads and double down on them, resulting in higher conversions and maximum returns on your investment.

Strengthen your social media today

Key Customer Insights

We’ll unlock key insights about the people who engage with your Facebook Ad and visit your website, so your business can benefit from valuable information that applies to your unique audience. We can use these insights to develop campaigns for additional social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, according to your business aims.

Did you know that most people need to see your message at least 3 times before they take action? With Sky Media’s strategic approach to Facebook, Google AdWords and SEO, your customers have the chance to find you, before you find them.