Social Media

Leverage Facebook advertising to build your brand’s reputation and reach.

Impressive ROI

Facebook is one of the most efficient forms of digital advertising. We’ll help you reach 1000+ people with just $10 per day.

Reach more people

Radio ads and TVC’s are a thing of the past. 80% of all internet users across the globe also use Facebook – we can leverage one platform to reach billions of people.


Have you ever visited a page and then noticed their Facebook ad shortly after? Re-engage your lost leads and build brand awareness with a targeted remarketing campaign.

Leverage Facebook Advertising for your business

Sky Media Social Media: What you get


We’ll want to understand your business goals and why you want to run the Facebook ad. This might be in conjunction with Google AdWords, or it might be working together with your Google Display Ad Banners, or it might be a solo advertising strategy you choose to dip your toes into after getting your brand new Sky Media website. Whatever it is you want to achieve, we’ll want to know what your objective and budget is, so that we can determine the best parameters for your Facebook ad, and any make suggestions for other digital marketing strategies that will work together well to result in higher conversions (and better return on investment).

The content of your ad

We’ll create a series of ad sets within your ad campaign. Our experienced copywriters and designers will get to work in creating multiple versions of the same message that suit your audience(s) and objectives. We’ll want to know the photos and/or videos you want to use for your Facebook ad at this point. The ads that are performing the best for a certain audience will become optimised as those ads receive impressions, engagement and clicks to your website.

Boost your social media

Establish your audience

Facebook has a range of tools and features that will enable you to promote your products and services, build brand awareness and drive web traffic. We will determine the specific criteria about your audience(s) which can be as broad as a hobby, or as specific as a postcode. We’ll be able to track the behaviour of people who see your Facebook ad and then visit your website, analyse the performance and adjust accordingly to optimise your spend. We can work across other social media platforms too like Instagram and LinkedIn, depending on your business goals.

P.S! Remember the old adage where a prospect needs to hear or see your message at least 7 times before they’ll take action?

With your Sky Media Facebook, Google AdWords/Banner Display Ad and SEO strategies working together, not only will you reach your customers faster, they’ll actually be finding you!