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Is WordPress Actually ‘The World’s Best?’

Did you know the world boasts 1.88 billion websites? Every year that number grows. Which website platform’s used the most? If you guessed ‘WordPress,’ then you’d be right. Click below to find out why…

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The Benefits of Landing Page Optimisation

A successful landing page is designed with one main goal – Get results! Usually the goal’s to get a booking, or a sale, but in some cases it’s to capture emails. If you have a business goal in mind, it might be the right time for a well-designed landing page?

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User-friendly Websites Are Google-Friendly Too

It pays to design websites for people, because when they’re not user-centred, people just click away. Not only do you lose customers that way, but Google’s Search Engine will say your site’s low grade and push it down the page. Google appreciates positive user-experiences, and people do too.

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Benefits of Long-tail Keywords for Google SEO

Are you wanting to see heaps of people visiting your website? Are you looking for ways to increase revenue for your business? Are you wanting enquiries, bookings and purchases from people who want what you’ve got? Well, your website needs Long-tail SEO.

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