User-friendly Websites Are Google-Friendly Too

In the real world, the customer comes first, and in the digital world, the user comes first. Business websites should be well-designed for the intended audience – people. If they’re not, people will simply click away and go to a website that’s easy to use. Not only do you lose customers with a poor quality website, but when people click away quickly from your website, Google’s Search Engine will deprioritise your site as being low value, or irrelevant. These days Google appreciates websites that offer searchers a positive experience, and searchers appreciate it too.

Why Easy Website Navigation’s Key for People

There are many factors in easy website navigation, but one key one is the internal link structure. How does your website flow from page to page? Does it make sense? Are things easy to find? Do links work? Do they go where they’re supposed to go? Do people get what they want quickly and easily?

Your Website’s Internal Link Structure

Internal link structure may sound a bit fancy, but if you’re online, you’ll be using internal links all the time… You click on a page, and that page lets you click on a new page, if the internal links are clean and user-friendly, this process will be easy and seamless. If it’s not, you’ll probably click multiple times without success, or worse, you’ll end up on a 404 Error Page! At Sky Media, we design websites with people in mind, so users can easily find their way around your site with smooth navigation.

Why Easy Website Navigation’s Key for Google

Google’s Search Engine uses your website navigation to find and index your web pages in the search library. Your web pages, the overall content, and the context of your site are a few factors Google uses to prioritise your site. If it’s difficult to use, it doesn’t make sense, or it’s old-fashioned, Google will place it at the back of the queue. At Sky Media, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Navigational Best Practices – Simply Standard Practice at Sky Media
  • URL Structure

Google’s Search Engine will read the URL for each page e.g Google prefers and prioritises URL’s that have 3 – 5 words. We prioritise URL’s with relevant Keywords that ideally match the title/theme of your web page.

  • URL Hierarchy

Sky Media’s Google Team will structure your URLs in a logical order, so they’re easy for Google’s Search Engine to read and categorise. Our team understands the way that Google’s Search Engine operates, so we design all of your web pages to appeal, so your site gets prioritised by Google, and found by your ideal clients.

  • Navigation Bar/Menu

Sky Media’s WordPress Web Experts will structure your navigation bar (the menu at the top of your website), so it’s clear for the people who use it and clear for Google’s Search Engine too. We limit menu options to 6, so that it’s visually pleasing for the viewer, and easily categorised by Google.

At Sky Media, our WordPress Web Designers and Developers understand the balance between designing websites for people and for Google. If you’re looking for a website that’s fully fit to fly high online, stick with a team comprised of WordPress Web Designers and Developers, Google Technicians and SEO Experts. At Sky Media, we provide full service digital marketing from a diverse team, so you can be sure your site will be fit to fly online 24/7/365.

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