Do I Really Need a Website for My Business?

Is it really important to have a website if you’re a business owner, retailer, or service provider?

Having a website means customers can always find you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website can continue to find and secure new customers for you. It offers web surfers convenience, as they’re able to access the information they need from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, with no added pressure to buy.

A well-designed website can generate new business, and make life easier for existing customers, while placing your business in the best light. A high-quality website can enable your business to shine, whether it’s well-established, or brand-new, small, medium, or large.

A clear and concise website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers. You can list your opening hours, contact information, show images of your location or products, and use contact forms to facilitate enquiries from potential customers, or generate feedback from existing ones. You can even upload promotional videos to engage your customers and sell your business in an effective and cost-efficient way. All of this progress can happen while you’re off the clock, because a well-designed website will keep working when you’re not.

In the past when a business shut their doors at 5.30 pm, that was the day done, but with a website your business can be active 24/7/365. From a customer’s point of view, it’s better for them if they don’t have to travel to get what they want. They can buy your products, or research your services without having to wait until your physical store is open. This level of ease means new and existing customers can take action and get what they want, as soon as they feel the need. 

In today’s modern world, people don’t expect to have to wait for answers, r solutions. Nowadays, there’s an expectation that companies will have a website. People tend to be distrusting of any business that doesn’t have a website and a branded email address. These are useful tools to share key information about your business, while also generating trust and enhancing the public perception of your business.

A digital marketing study done in 2018 showed 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than a business listed in an online directory, or on social media. By having a professional website, you’re boosting the credibility of your business, which is critical for attracting new clientele.

Best utilising your website to gain and retain a customer is the ultimate goal and the result of successfully meeting their wants and needs every step of the way. By understanding your ideal audience and how your product or service could provide a benefit to their lives, you can attract new customers via targeted advertising and a positive user-experience on your website.

There are 4.8 billion people online every day, accounting for more than half of the world’s population and these figures increase every year. For the most part, internet users are either looking for information, sharing on social media or using e-commerce websites. Gone are the days of turning to the Yellow Pages, nowadays it’s all about Google and Facebook. If you’re not online, where are you? To potential customers the answer could be, ‘Nowhere to be found.’


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