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Is Your Company Benefiting from SEO in Timaru?

As a search engine optimisation (SEO) provider with a proven track record nationwide, Sky Media’s a first-rate choice for SEO in Timaru. Founded and directed by a born and bred ‘Timaruvian,’ Corey Reid, Sky Media has a real knack for data-driven SEO that’s fast acting in Timaru’s unique market. Our SEO experts in Timaru will ensure your SEO strategy is best suited to South Canterbury’s way of life.

Yes, SEO can be a little complicated, but at Sky Media we break it down to make it nice and simple for you. Our down-to-earth team of digital marketers will take care of your SEO campaign, so you can focus on what matters most – your Timaru-based business. We’ll make sure your business gets found by all of the local people (and visitors) who want what you’ve got.

Search Engine Optimisation Timaru & NZ-Wide

Let’s be real, your website’s the digital first impression for your business. At Sky Media, we’ll ensure your digital advertising aligns with your business in real life. In Timaru, we know it can be easy to stick to the classic Kiwi marketing strategy ‘word-of-mouth’ and that will always work well, but without digital marketing, you’re leaving potential new business on the table every single day… Why would you let potential clients choose your competitors, when they could be choosing you?

SEO Timaru: Get Your Website to Page 1 of Google with Sky Media

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages? Can’t remember? If you’re not using the Yellow Pages, then it’s likely your customers aren’t either. What does anyone do when they want something nowadays? They reach for their phone and that’s precisely when you need SEO.

The benefits of SEO are simple, customers on Google will be able to find you online. When people search for a product or service on Google e.g ‘builder in Timaru,’ or ‘beauty therapist near me,’ chances are they’ll go with the business they find on Google’s 1st Page.

If your website’s not on Page 1, or Page 2,  it’s unlikely Google searchers will see you, let alone choose you. There’s no point having a high-flying website, if nobody can find it! People want results quickly and easily nowadays. Get found before the competition with SEO. As digital marketing experts, our results show exactly why SEO is our #1 marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Available in Timaru & NZ-Wide

We’re a down-to-earth full-service digital marketing team offering:

  • Complimentary SEO audits to determine your current position on Google
  • Data-driven SEO strategies, so you can choose the best SEO Keywords for your business
  • Customised SEO campaigns designed to help your business reach its aims
  • Increased exposure online with an ever-growing customer base
  • Supercharged SEO content tailored for your target audience
  • A true partnership with unbeatable customer service
  • A dedicated SEO Account Manager with monthly SEO reports
  • Good old-fashioned Kiwi work ethic and genuine customer care

Are New Customers Looking for You?

Most people use Google’s Search Engine to find information online. They’ll search terms like, ‘Beauty therapy Timaru,’ ‘Painter Timaru,’ ‘Upholsterer Timaru,’ or ‘Mechanic Timaru,’ and when they do… Will they find you?

If you want people who want what you’ve got to find your website first, then you need to get your website Google prioritised, so that your business is on Page 1 of Google for all searches that relate to the products, or services offered by your Timaru business.

At Sky Media, we use high-quality SEO tools and strategies to make sure your business gains and maintains a leading position on Google’s 1st Page every single day. Our leading edge SEO strategies can support your business to grow in the digital age where everyone’s turning to their phones for almost everything!

But, My Website Already Gets Traffic…

Ok, so you’re already getting a lot of online traffic? Do you have a solid online marketing strategy? Are you a Certified Google Technician? Our team keeps up to speed with Google’s algorithms to work them to your advantage all day, every day. We know how to take your site’s visitors and convert them into enquiries and sales, because that’s our specialty.

Sure, anyone can run a D.I.Y digital marketing campaign, but it’ll never be the same as the quality on offer from a team that lives and breathes digital marketing every single day. We’ve built high-flying websites and implemented effective digital marketing strategies for some of Timaru’s leading businesses like Maree Hynes Interiors, Red Chilli Pantry, Blush Beauty, 2nd Impressions, and Skin Deep, so rest assured we can bring our best to your business too.

SEO Services Timaru

Sky Media’s a full service digital marketing team, which means we can offer everything you need to launch a business online, or to take an existing business to new heights. Yes, SEO is our #1 strategy, but we  offer everything from customised web design to quality content marketing and social media campaigns too.

We pride ourselves on our ability to drive the right customers to your website. Our SEO clients stay with us for the long haul, because we offer top-quality customer service and strong ROI. If you want to benefit from measurable results for your Timaru business, speak to us.

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Does Your Business Need Timaru’s Leading SEO Company?

Digital marketing strategies that include SEO (search engine optimisation) are crucial to the success of your business in today’s online Google-powered world. When done correctly, an SEO strategy that includes data-driven SEO Keyword research, localised Timaru-based SEO Keywords, and effective on-page and off-page SEO, results in a top ranking on Google. Ranking on Google is vital to your Timaru business. 70% of your potential clients won’t even go to Page 2 – so if your website’s not ranking on Page 1, your site might as well be invisible.

While SEO is an essential business tool, unless you’re a tech-whizz with a lot of time on your hands, you’ll want to partner with a results-driven company that’s up to date with Google SEO. At Sky Media, Timaru’s leading SEO company, we’re happy to report that 83% of our SEO Keywords hit the 1st Page of Google within 6 months. Our N.Z-wide SEO results are a key reason why we have a 96% client retention rate month after month.

Avoid Digital Marketing Downfalls – Partner with Professionals

As Kiwis, we’re a D.I.Y nation of people, so many business owners try to handle digital marketing independently, or they call a friend/family member to help. If you have a family friend who runs a successful digital marketing company, go for it. Anything less may be a tad risky?

Unfortunately, without the help of a professional Timaru SEO agency, business owners and novices can make some serious digital marketing mistakes… Common mistakes include not conducting research, targeting words nobody’s searching, only focusing on basic on-page SEO, excluding advanced SEO (the real powerful stuff), and implementing short-term ‘black hat’ strategies that may work quickly upfront, only to be punished by Google later. In short, tinkering in the back of your website can do your business more harm than good, unless you really know what you’re doing.

As much as we might like to try, nobody can be an expert in everything. If you’d like to stay focused on what you do best, consider letting Sky Media’s all-in-one digital marketing and SEO agency in Timaru do your digital marketing for you. We’ll design an affordable, effective digital marketing strategy especially for your business. Rest assured, we only select top-performing SEO Keywords designed to rank your business on the 1st Page of Google for the most popular searches in your market.

Get More Google Traffic with Timaru’s SEO for Local Businesses

With a well-optimised SEO strategy from Sky Media, you can maximise your website’s exposure to hundreds of South Canterbury locals searching for your services. After all, the first place most people turn when they need to find a product or service is Google, right? Are you one of them?

As a Google Partner, Sky Media uses Google-friendly strategies that guarantee sustainable, long-term results for your business. Our team has a proven track record, and we work day and night to stay on top of Google’s constant changes. With our data-driven approach to SEO in Timaru, we will help your business gain a permanent spot at the top of Google, so you don’t have to pay for rented ad space forever.

Choose Sky Media as Your Timaru SEO Company

Businesses across the Timaru District and beyond choose Sky Media’s down-to-earth digital marketing services, because we’re a dedicated team that delivers results. Our data-driven research and pocket-friendly SEO pricing exist to support your business to grow. We’re proud to have a 96% client retention rate, because we look after the people who partner with us and deliver as agreed. When you choose to be supported by our digital marketing team, you’ll access the same powerful results that hundreds of other Kiwi companies have experienced. If you’re ready to invest in a proven SEO agency in Timaru, give us a call on 0800 113 772 and ask about our Page 1 guarantees.

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies in Timaru Choose Sky Media’s SEO Service

Sky Media’s a Page 1 SEO company in Timaru for good reason, because we know what we’re doing, so rest assured we can do it for your business too. Our team will constantly analyse and optimise the performance of your website and your SEO strategy to ensure your company gets the best results. People choose Sky Media as their SEO company over other companies in Timaru, because we offer:

Pocket-friendly SEO pricing – Our low overheads mean we can provide SEO that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Data-driven research – Our SEO experts develop strategies using top-performing SEO Keywords.

Availability – We’re available 24/7/365 with a highly responsive SEO Team and dedicated SEO Account Managers.

Client Satisfaction – Our standard is 100% satisfaction with a strong ROI every month.

Personal Touch– We’re a down-to-earth digital marketing team that values good old-fashioned customer service.

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