Customised Web Design

WordPress is #1 Worldwide

Did you know that 35% of the internet (that's right, the whole internet) is powered by WordPress? WordPress websites are the most popular choice, because they're attractive, fully customisable, easy-to-use and best of all, they're highly favoured by Google. WordPress is undoubtedly the place you need to be on the web.

User-Friendly Websites

Our Sky Media Websites are built with the world's best content management system (CMS). You'll benefit from a seamless online portal that allows you to make simple changes to your site with the ease of an everyday email. Still, if you'd prefer a hands-off approach, the team at Sky Media can manage your updates for you, as part of a custom-made Website Management Plan.

Mobile Optimisation

Did you know that more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile phones? All of our Sky Media websites are optimised to be fully mobile responsive, so your site will be showcased to all phones and tablets in the best possible light.

Website Design Timaru & Christchurch-Wide

We’re proud to have designed and developed more than 55 websites (and counting). We use WordPress to develop our websites for a number of reasons… Firstly, In June 2019 Google rated WordPress as the number 1 Website platform on their Search Engine. Secondly, WordPress websites are simple and easy to use – ease of use helped WordPress overcome competitors like Drupal or Joomla to become the favourite choice of Web Developers everywhere! Adding new pages, images or blogs is a breeze and can be done in minutes. Finally, we pride ourselves on crafting unique mobile responsive websites that are highly engaging for your target market – designed with results in mind. Put simply: our websites convert visitors into customers.

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Web Design and Development Services in Auckland, Timaru, and Christchurch

You want your customer to be attracted to your website? Here is Sky Media for you

As a business owner, you can choose any services whatever you can. But there’s something you still have to remember: the best thing you can do is hire a professional web design firm to develop your website – Sky Media.

How do you do that?

First of all, your site will be genuine with a professional web design Timaru. Another advantage is the online exposure of the website is increased, and the right audience is attracted.

See why you should appoint a professional to design a website for the following reasons.

  1. Make a Worthy First Impression

Your website creates a user perception of your brand. This view focuses exclusively on your website appearance. Even if your website isn’t appealing, users can quit in a matter of seconds if you had the best service or products in the world. The first experience is also always the last. If you go further than employing a competent web design company, it will build an attractive website to help you increase your visitors.

  1. A quicker platform

As is the case, most websites don’t work best. The several plugins and tools from third parties that can be incorporated into your website boost the speed and safety of an experienced web design company. As a consequence, the web design Auckland is well versed in this area. This ensures that it will work seamlessly and without bugs when someone visits your website.

  1. Most up-to-date mobile device compatibility

You probably don’t understand current and coming website technologies because you’re not a web developer. Mobile designs are constantly shifting and changing. It is more important than ever to have a website that is mobile friendly with many people who use mobile equipment to access the website per quarter.

The best thing is that a separate mobile version of your website will not be needed. Your site needs to be responsive, and a professional web designer knows how to build your site using this technology.

  1. More attractive style of the website

A website must appear. When people want to save money and time, numerous websites use predefined templates. The simplest solution in this case, however, may not be the best. If you want your company to yell efficiency, a customized website is required.

  1. You will save time.

There’s the possibility that if your job will be interrupted if you hire a specialist or a beginner to save money. Starters also take a long time to construct a platform. By hiring a professional developer, you can save time. You know how to create a website with a strong presence online.

  1. Confidential Web Design

If not built by a specialist, the website is more vulnerable. Fixing problems on your website will take time and be expensive. For instance, assume you design your website, and for several months it works admirably. But it starts to trigger other problems when you try to change something.

  1. A professional can form an SEO-friendly website.

If SEO optimizes your website, it will never be visible on Google’s first pages or any other search engine. This means no one can detect you in a search engine, which means that future clienteles are lost. Web design Christchurch’s coding is so SEO-friendly for your website.

  1. it’s a future investment

Your website signifies a long-term investment rather than a one-time expenditure. It will make a lot of money and can attract various customers if it’s done correctly. If you hire experts to design your website or not, remember that the most important part of your company is your website.

  1. Campaign for Digital Marketing

You will help your company expand on many social media sites. Today, the most used social media sites for companies are Facebook and Instagram to extend their digital presence and increase the traffic on their website. However, if you do not have a tailor-made website, you will not be able to use those features.

  1. It will look trustworthy

A professional web designer on this website will be able to convey your trust. You won’t get this out of a place that was hurriedly or not well-crafted together. Strong website design Timaru will make your website trustworthy and help you attract more clients with a nice and useful website.

You can rest well knowing that your platform has good hands and is doing what it is meant to do when you employ a website design Auckland like Sky Media.

Our expert web designers can build your company’s professional website that is SEO-friendly and special, and that truly reflects your company’s creativity.

The web designers of Sky Media work unceasingly to ensure that your business’s site is as exposed and web-based as possible and enable you to generate leads and attract clients.

Because clean and clear, our marking codes are highly useful for search engines. Spiders crawl. The simpler you read the markup codes for spiders on your website, the greater your search engine rating. This means more clients and the business will profit.

For high-quality backgrounds, graphics, and easy-to-grasp connections, you may rely on sky media.

Why should you go for making a professional website?

Creating a website from scratch would yield a higher ROI than using a pre-created template.

Yes, pre-made versions are less costly, but savings are much more than professional web design.

Since your web design is innovative and easy to explore, Internet users will know that you are taking your business seriously. The uniqueness will give you a strategic advantage in waking up your target audience.

If your website is well built and user-friendly, your company becomes unforgettable in the right ways.

Best of all, our custom web design services uphold the website continuously.

Website design Christchurch guarantees customer-friendly websites with high-quality content that attracts customers. The better the number of customers you will attract, the more sales you generate.

Talk to us about your company objectives, and we are going to develop a web design that best fits your needs.

Strategic Planning

We’ll produce a fit for purpose website outline that’s based on your business’s objectives and goals. We understand that every business is unique, so your website will be designed to function according to your products, services, needs and ultimate aims. We can even help you to choose an unforgettable domain name as part of the web design process, so you’re set to fly high on launch day.

UX Design & Development

Sky Media’s websites are highly functional, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing too. Our expert developers will consider your company’s target audience, alongside the products and services you provide to design the best user-experience (UX) for your site. We’ll keep you up-to-date and communicate throughout the entire design and development process to ensure you love the finished product as much as we do.

Full Features & Functions

A modern website depends upon up-to-the-minute features and functions. Our experienced web developers will integrate your customised design with WordPress’ latest content management system, then they’ll ensure mobile responsiveness, so your site performs well on all phones and tablets. Finally, they’ll install any final features you want for your website, then you’ll be ready to fly. Want high-speed hosting for your site too? We can take care of that for you.

Go the Distance with SEO

Our marketing experts can harness the hidden power of search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure your site’s favoured by Google’s robots, while ensuring your website still appeals to people. Unlike standard website developers, Sky Media’s multitalented team has the foresight to consider the entire digital marketing process while designing your website. We know SEO attracts visitors, while bold website design holds attention, so we optimise from both sides to strengthen customer retention.



Our team have created more than 100+ brand-focused user-friendly websites that are simply stunning.