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Sky Media’s one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, due to owner and director Corey Reid’s forward-thinking leadership.

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Born and raised in Timaru under the care of a dedicated mother who held down multiple jobs to give him the best start in life, Corey quickly found he had to leave not only his hometown, but his home country, in order to discover his business abilities…

  • After leaving New Zealand in 2004 to undertake an opportunity in the telecommunications sector in Sydney, Australia, Corey received high-level training from Jacob Perkins, one of Australia’s top sales managers from AAB Holdings. Just two years later, in 2006, Corey and his enterprising colleague Nidal Fouani were recruited to spearhead the development of Forte Connect – an international sales office in Cairo, Egypt. The dynamic duo led 100+ staff members to supply communication solutions for 1,200+ organisations from around the world.

    Following a successful career in business development in Egypt, Corey returned to Australia in 2006 to transfer his managerial skills into a long-term position as Lead Sales Trainer at Zintel Communications in Sydney. In this role, he focussed on account management for large scale enterprises, such as Open Universities Australia, AVG Technologies, and Bob Jane T-Marts.

    Fast-forward 5 years and New Zealand’s digital marketing sector was taking off. Corey’s business mentor, Paul Lee of Organic Genetics urged him to bring his renowned business development skills back home to Aotearoa to help him to scale a market-leading team of digital experts in Auckland. After building a strong team of dedicated digital marketers from across New Zealand, Corey inevitably launched his own digital marketing agency aptly named ‘Sky Media,’ because the sky’s the limit in the world of digital marketing.

    Following his highly successful start as a new business owner, in 2018, Sky Media became a Certified Google Partner with three in-house Google Technicians trained to ensure all of the Kiwi businesses under Sky Media’s care receive every opportunity to access the full benefits of Google. Sky Media’s standard ensures the entire team of digital professionals are constantly upskilling to execute to the highest industry standards and as a result, the business celebrates consistent annual growth.

    Finally, despite widespread economic uncertainty in 2020, Corey strengthened his commitment to the business, his team, and his Kiwi clients by establishing The Sky Media Headquarters in his hometown – Timaru. By combining his aptitude for business development and his wealth of international experience with a strong team of top-talent from across New Zealand, Corey’s now able to grow a nationwide business from the comfort of his hometown H.Q, while having the opportunity to spend more time with his mother too. With Sky Media’s H.Q firmly rooted in South Canterbury, alongside an ever-increasing team of web professionals operating nationwide, you’ll find a dedicated crew working around the clock to bring world-class digital marketing services to you.

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Sky Media’s Digital Marketing Team’s constantly up-skilling to achieve the highest industry standards in the ever-changing world of digital strategy.

Director - Timaru


Project Manager - Timaru


Digital Team Lead - Auckland


Operations Manager - Timaru


Marketing Manager - Queenstown


Technical Support - Auckland


Lead Generator - Timaru


Business Coach - Sydney


Content Writer - Christchurch


Google Technician - Auckland


Finance Manager - Christchurch


Web Developer - Timaru


Account Manager - Auckland


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