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Expand Your Reach with a High-Speed Social Media Marketing Strategy.

With 3,970,000 Kiwis on social media, it’s plain to see that’s where your business needs to be. Our team’s High-Speed Social Media Strategy can take the lead with super-targeted Fast-Acting Banner Ads. All you need to do is keep people engaged and it’s highly likely they’ll like, share, tag and recommend your business’s page.

High-Speed Strategies

Our high-speed social media strategies focus on promoting your company in the best light, while enticing the people who are most likely to comment, tag, like, share, enquire, or buy.

Customised Ad Design

We’ll create customised banner ad designs that align with your enterprise and appeal to your identified target audience locally, globally, or nationwide.

Measurable Results

From building brand awareness to generating fresh leads, our team’s constantly monitoring every social media strategy to ensure each campaign’s set to fly at high-speed.

take flight with social media

Our team knows all the ways to accelerate any social media campaign.

Target Market Research

We’ll begin by clarifying your business’s intention, pinpointing your ideal location and researching your target market.

Social Strategy

We’ll develop a laser-focussed strategy based on your budget, your target market and your business’s stated aims for the campaign.

Eye-catching Ad Design

Our designers will create two custom ads to capture your target market’s attention and compel them to take action.

Building Brand Awareness

Our highly targeted campaigns will spread your business’s name in the places that matter most, then we’ll retarget all the people who engaged with your ad, or post.

On-going Ad Optimisation

Our Social Media Team will monitor your ads daily to reduce unnecessary ad spend and boost what actually works, so you get more for less.

Generating Leads

In just a matter of days, your campaign will generate more likes, shares, comments, tags, follows, enquiries and even sales.

Laser-focussed targeting with our Full-Speed Facebook Ads & Instagram Injections.

Did you know that Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools for increasing brand awareness, reaching potential customers and boosting sales? You did? OK, but did you know most people will need to see your message at least 3 times before they decide to take action? A highly targeted social media strategy can make sure your business is front and centre repeatedly, ideally when it’s decision-making time.

With Sky Media’s High-Speed Social Media Marketing, we’ll identify the right approach for your business and budget, then we’ll design an eye-catching attention-grabbing ad campaign to entice your target market to your business’s page time and time again. You’ll find our fast-acting campaigns working day and night to keep your business top-of-mind.

Sky Media’s Social Media Marketing & more…

Facebook? Instagram? Google Ads? SEO? If you’re not sure which tool’s best for your business, get in touch to discuss your goals with us.

Ready to be prioritised at the top of Google with SEO?

Our Cruise Control SEO Service is the #1 way to get your site to naturally stay on Page 1 of Google for free clicks all day. That’s the key difference between SEO and Google Ads, SEO’s clicks and site visits are 100% free.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ad Campaigns

Paid Google Ads are the fastest way to get your website seen on Google’s 1st Page. In just 72 hours, your site can have the #1 power position online.

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