Website Design and Development with Sky Media

Tips to Save Money and Time

To prevent delays with your website build and avoid additional charges, Sky Media’s Website Design and Development Team recommend the following:

  • Involve all key decision-makers from the very beginning.
  • Communicate all of the desired features you wish to have with examples and take the time to fill in our questionnaire.
  • Ensure all of the supplied content (photos, videos and text) are accurate and organised from the beginning.

Key Points of Contact

We require two points (main and sub) of contact from within the organisation who have the authority to make decisions relating to website design and development.

Website Timeline/Process

The site build begins after the first phone consultation and the first review will be delivered within 15 business days of the photos and videos being supplied.

Every Website Design and Development Package with Sky Media includes a maximum of two rounds of changes. After the first review, all changes must be submitted via one email, phone call, or video call, then the final changes will be actioned within 2 weeks.

Additional rounds of changes will incur a fee starting at $250 + GST per round.

Business Logos

Please provide your own logo and all partner/client logos as a transparent PNG. Unsuitable logos will be amended for an additional fee starting at $150 + GST. Where necessary, suitable partner and client logos can be sourced for $90 + GST per hour.

Website Photos and Videos

All photos and videos are to be provided at one time (at the start) and labelled appropriately in one Google, OneDrive, or Dropbox folder. All photos need to be a minimum of 2400x1600px and submitted as JPG, or PNG files. Unsuitable photos will be removed, or edited for an additional fee starting at $50 + GST per half hour.

Website Content Allowance

Every website with Sky Media includes custom content of 500 words per page with an average 6-page website including 3,000 words. We will edit 500 words per website page of copy (text), including all copy to be transferred from any existing website. Additional words over the page allowance of 500 words will be charged at $90 + GST per 500 words.

Website Hosting

Our websites typically take 4-6 weeks for design and delivery. Website hosting will begin when the site goes live, or at 6 weeks (whichever occurs first). Website hosting starts at $828+GST per year and is billed annually.

Website Hold Fees

You have 10 working days to review the website design with Sky Media. If feedback is not received within 10 working days, your project will be put on hold. Sky Media reserves the right to charge a “Hold Fee” of any amount up to 15% of the total project amount. Our fee for “Re-starting” a project that has gone dormant for more than 3 months is $500+GST.

Website Payment Terms

Our website design and development payment terms are 50% at the start and 50% after 4 weeks, or upon completion (whichever occurs first). Delayed payments will incur a charge of 10% of the total project amount per month.

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