How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) advertising solution that offers an extremely effective way of driving relevant qualified traffic to your website, when people are searching Google for the types of products, or services your business offers.

Maybe you plan to run a promotion, or perhaps you just need a quick injection of sales? A Google Ads Campaign is the fastest way to get your website listed on the 1st Page of Google for the Keywords of your choice e.g ‘Painter Blenheim,’ ‘Botox Christchurch,’ or ‘Car yards Auckland.’

Google Ad’s pay-per-click (PPC) setup is like a bidding system, where companies bid to have their ads shown to the relevant audience. Like all bidding systems, those with the highest bid win. As a result, each time your ad is clicked on, Google charges a small fee. Click fees range from $1 – $15 per click, depending on your industry and location.

Sky Media’s Approach to Google Ads…
  • Sky Media’s Google Experts will begin by creating a list of Keywords that are relevant to the products and services you want to promote and sell. Keyword examples for a builder in Nelson could be: ‘New Homes Nelson’, ‘New Builds Nelson’, ‘Builder Nelson’, ‘Commercial Builder Nelson.’
  • Our copywriters will create a short eye-catching Google Ad that will capture your ideal client’s attention immediately.
  • We’ll then confirm your Google click budget, the locations you want to target, and the days of the week that suit you. $20 – $30 per day is a good start.
  • Once your campaign is live, Google will send the people who search for what you’ve got to your Google Ad. Visitors will find your ad and a link to your website up in the paid ad section at the top of Google’s 1st Page.
  • Once you’re on Google’s 1st Page, you’ll notice more clicks to your website and an increase enquiries. Get ready to answer the phone, or emails, or to witness an increase in sales.
  • Once your Google budget is used up for the day, your ad will be taken down and replaced by other businesses targeting the same market. Not to worry, you’ll reappear the next morning when your budget’s refreshed.
  • Our Google Technicians will optimise your campaign every day, so the cost per click (CPC) will become cheaper over time, which means you’ll receive more website traffic for less.
  • Sky Media’s down-to-earth team run 100% transparent Google Ad Campaigns, so you’ll see exactly how much of your budget is going to Google every day. Total budget transparency is a key point of difference with our campaigns.
  • If at any stage you need to discuss, or adjust your campaign, your dedicated Google Account Manager will be happy to assist.
We highly recommend having an SEO Strategy in place while your Google AdWords are running.
The Difference Between Google Ads and SEO

Google Ads are rapid, they’re the fastest way to get your website on Google’s 1st Page (we’re talking a matter of days), but they’re PPC, which means you’ll pay for every click to your site. On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) takes 30 days to generate movement, and at least 90 days to generate results, so it’s comparatively slower. Still, once you reach that landing strip on Page 1, all of the clicks with SEO are free! So, which one will it be?

Well, it depends whether you want immediate clicks, or long-term clicks. What we can say is that it’s no surprise to us that all of our top-performing clients have opted for our Supercharged SEO and Google Ads Combo. Yes, that’s right, they did both! They chose immediate website visits and clicks with Google Ads, as well as consistent web traffic for the long-haul with SEO. As a result, they’ve all benefited from impressive growth.

If you’d like to have a free Discovery Discussion with one of our Google Experts, we can explore the potential benefits for your business. If you’re interested, we’ll identify your business goals, and suggest an affordable Google strategy that’s designed to get results. Just call 0800113772 to book your complimentary Discovery Discussion today.

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