Not getting enough Timaru SEO leads?

Sky Media should be your only choice for SEO in Timaru. Founded and directed by a born and bred Timaruvian Corey Reid, we have a real knack for knowing what you want. Our Timaru SEO experts will save you a lot of time. Organic SEO can be complicated, we’re here to do it for you. This way you can focus on what matters most – your Timaru business. The Sky Media end game? That your business gets found by people already looking for you.

Helping Timaru customers find your business with online marketing

Let’s be real: Your website is the online marketing representative of your business. We aim for your digital advertising presence to align seamlessly with your real life business. In Timaru, we know it can be easy to stick to the classic, Kiwi marketing strategy “word-of-mouth”. These days by not implementing strong digital marketing tactics, you could be losing up to 80% of potential customers to competitors who are capitalising on online marketing.

Let us help you rank and grow your Timaru business with Digital Advertising

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering:

  • Content tailored for your target audience
  • SEO audits, reports and strategy
  • Customised campaigns
  • Increased exposure, customer base
  • Social media marketing
  • Your partner not just your consultant
  • Kiwi Ingenuity

The benefits of SEO and optimisation of your website in Timaru

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages… Can’t remember?

Then it’s likely your customers can’t either. The benefits are simple, allow customers to find you online. If they are actively searching for a product or service chances are they want it now. If you don’t have a strong online marketing presence you will lose those potential customers to your competition. As online marketing specialists, we know that search marketing typically performs better than all other traditional marketing and online marketing.

What if, instead of always trying to find your next customer, your customers came looking for you?

Most people use a search engine to find information online. If you want them to find your website, you need to ensure your site is prominent in Google for the search queries most relevant to your Timaru business.

Here at Sky Media, we use the right SEO tools and strategies to make sure your business ranks on the first page of Google. Intelligent, long-term SEO strategies for your small or medium business is essential going into 2019.

You already get traffic but…

Ok, so you are already getting a lot of online traffic and have an online marketing strategy… But how many of those visitors convert into sales or long-term customers? We’ve implemented digital marketing strategies and developed websites for Timaru businesses like yours.

Why Sky Media for SEO in Timaru?

Your website is the online marketing representative of your business. Sky Media will work to build and implement digital media, SEO and customised content campaigns to fit your website. By working closely with clients we pride ourselves on driving the right customers to your website and delivering tangible results to your Timaru business.

Do you want to be positioned in the top place on Google? Contact us now for more details.