How to Get Your New Website Live with Sky Media 

How to Get Your New Website Live with Sky Media 

If you’ve been in business a while, likely, you’ll already have a domain name for an existing website. If that’s the case, we can connect your new website to your existing domain in one of two ways:

  1. Transfer your domain URL to Sky Media – Provide your unique domain authentication identifier (UDAI) code and a screenshot of your DNS records. 
  2. Update your A record with your current host – Give the A record details to your webmaster or hosting company.

How to Transfer Your Website URL/Domain Name to Sky Media 

By hosting with us, you’ll have Sky Media as your single point of contact for all things website-related. If you want to transfer your website URL/domain name to us, you’ll need to contact your current domain provider and ask for your unique domain authentication identifier (UDAI) and a screenshot of all DNS Records.

How to Get Your DNS Settings and UDAI Code for Your Website’s Domain Name

Your domain name system (DNS) settings are crucial for directing traffic to your website and email services, so we must get the correct information installed before we launch your new website. Here’s how to get yours:

Check with Your Current Webmaster

Who set up your existing website and purchased your domain? Who’s running your current site? They’ll likely have the information you require. 

  • If you have a webmaster to manage your website and domain, simply ask them to provide your UDAI code and DNS settings. 

Sometimes, domain name companies (registrars like Crazy Domains and GoDaddy) automatically send the UDAI code to the email address associated with your account, after you initiate the request. Check your email inbox, including spam or junk folders, as you may find your UDAI code there. You can simply forward this email to us.

Check Your Domain Registrar Portal/Dashboard

Did you or someone you know purchase the domain? Who’s running your current site? They’ll likely have the logins for your domain registrar where you can access what you need. 

  1. Log in to the website where you purchased the domain e.g. or
  2. Go to your domain management or settings section.
  3. Look for DNS settings, often called “DNS Management,” “DNS Configuration” or similar.
  4. Look for an option like “Request UDAI,” “Get Auth Code” or “Retrieve Authorization Code.”
  5. Follow the prompts or instructions to generate and obtain your DNS settings and UDAI code.

If this is too much, just send your logins to us and we’ll do the rest on your behalf. Easy.

Still Stuck? Check Your Domain Details on the Domain Name Commission NZ Website 

If you’ve lost touch with your webmaster, can’t find a UDAI email, and cannot access logins to your domain registration site, then you can take a look online. DNC offers a tool to search publicly available information relating to DNS nameservers. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your domain name in the provided search bar at the top right e.g.
  3. Look for the DNS information under name server (NS records).
  4. Look for the UDAI code or Auth Code information in the results.

How to Point Your New Website to Your Existing Domain and Host via A Record

If you’d prefer to leave your domain and website with your current host (not recommended), that’s possible. You’ll just need to switch your domain’s A record to: in their domain provider DNS settings.

An “A record” (address record) is a type of DNS record used to point a domain name/website URL to the corresponding IPv4 address of your website’s current hosting site (parking space on the web). The A record allows the internet to connect to the right server where your website’s files are stored. Without that, we’d all need to remember numbers for websites instead of names!

Bear in mind, if you opt for A record pointing and something happens with your website in the future, you’ll need to contact the domain registrar, not Sky Media. We can only take full responsibility for your website when we build the site and host the site and its domain. Unlike many domain registrars, at Sky Media, we provide swift replies from our NZ-based team via text, email and phone. We typically resolve website issues in a few hours.

How to Link Your Emails to Your New Website with Sky Media

At Sky Media, we recommend Microsoft 365 Outlook or Google Workspace for all business emails. We understand you may have your own personal preferences. We’re able to connect your existing emails to your new website, all you need to do is let us know your email. Importantly, we don’t host emails, we only connect them, so any email issues would always be resolved with Microsoft 365 Outlook or Google Workspace.

Finally, we know website details can seem complicated, so if you’d like our team to manage it, we can do so on your behalf for a small charge. Just speak to us, give us any details you have like logins and we’ll get it all done for you. 

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